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Lagos State Governorr Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Saturday reported that worship centers in the state will be opened from Friday, August 7.

Sanwo-Olu declared the reviving of love focuses at a question and answer session where he gave refreshes on how the state is dealing with the worldwide pandemic.

"Places of worship in Lagos will currently be opened from Friday, the seventh of August for our Muslim admirers, and on Sunday, the ninth of August for our Christian admirers," Sanwo-Olu said.

Worship centres and other get-togethers were prohibited in the state since March as a feature of measures to control the spread of coronavirus.

Despite the fact that the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 had endorsed the reviving of houses of worship and mosques in the nation, the Lagos State government said the focuses will stay shut as it is the focal point of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

As of now, Lagos State has 14,983 affirmed instances of COVID-19 with 2,200 released and 194 passings recorded.

While the administration is continuously facilitating the lockdown, Sanwo-Olu, nonetheless, expressed that people of 65 years of age or more are encouraged to remain at home.

He noticed that spots of love are to have their "normal once seven days administration at assigned days. For the shirking of uncertainty, there will be Friday reveres for our Muslim devotees and Sunday venerates for our Christian supporters.

"We will screen this for the following couple of weeks and perceive how the perception and consistence get as we move along. They are urged to have numerous administrations on those days however they ought to confine it to those assigned long periods of love."

The representative declared that the get-togethers ought not surpass 50 people from the recently reported 20 individuals limit for every parties.

Sanwo-Olu expressed that cafés, social clubs who have met the conditions are allowed to open from Friday, August 14 for in-dinning yet didn't allow reviving of night clubs.

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